Saturday, June 17, 2017

Redoing the map for the old AD&D the X1 Adventure: The Isle of Dread

Hi! I'm back after an extended hiatus. Been working on cartoons and other map projects that are all in various stages of completion. But I wanted to share a hex map I put together recently for the pathfinder campaign I'm in.

We wanted to play the old D&D module X1 "The Isle of Dread" but I wasn't particularly pleased with the map (We also swapped out the whole central plateau section for something more appropriate to our campaign - but that's another story). So I decided to remake the island map into something that would look better in roll20. Here it is. Enjoy!
 In our campaign this island was still full of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, but as you got closer to the center of the island, the monsters took on a more Cthulu-esque quality. This was because we used the map as a lead-in for Strange Aeons and some of the early things that drive that AP (before book One) were found here.

We placed the island in the Castrovin Sea, east of Eastsea and the Stolen Lands where our kingdom is located. Here's a map of our campaign kingdom to orient you:

As you can see, we did quite well in our Kingmaker Campaign. Eastsea is the Savannah extending east from the Dunsward (and is not canonical - but we needed to put something there!). The Isle of Dread is somewhere in the ocean east of Eastsea. 

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