Thursday, January 22, 2015

Expanding the focus of the blog - also what I've been doing for the past few months.

Hi all, 

Its been awhile. Been busy with other things - life, etc... But I wanted to touch base with the blog on two points. 

Point One: I participated in Pathfinder's RPG Superstar Contest this year. While, in retrospect, my first entry needed a lot of work, I was fascinated by Round 2: the map round. This is the first year that Paizo is doing this event. The event consists with doing a map - just a map - for the round. I like the idea of having a map stand on its own. To borrow a baseball phrase - that's right in my wheelhouse. Furthermore, in the associated blogs, forum posts and et cetera, I learned that some companies pay people to design maps! Not the completed, painted-like flip-board maps. I knew about that. No, I'm talking about designing the maps that will then be translated into those works of art. Until last week I thought that the design and the art were all done by one person. While I'm certain that there are such talented individuals who can do both, apparently in practice the task is routinely divided between two people. While I don't yet possess the skills to do the art portion, I can certainly do the design. So, that's going to be a goal - to eventually get paid to design maps.

Point Two: I have been working on Kingmaker-related things. Specifically, I have been working on the area to the east of the Nomen Heights. I've been answering some of the questions as to why this area (which should have been populated and a vital trade route to Casmaron) has remained uninhabited. I have a lot of the back-story done and a bunch of the encounters at least started. But I want to hold onto it some - at least until its finished!

However, I will be posting a series of maps very soon as I did make a map for Round 2 of the RPG Superstar contest on the chance that I did make it in. So, I'd like to share that concept in the next few days. The plan is to walk through the thought process I had in putting this map together. So, stay tuned!