Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taking suggestions on where to go next.

I know it has been about 3 weeks since the last update. There's been a lot of change around the home so I haven't really had time to devote to mapping.

But I also realize that right now I can go in one of two directions. I can "go broad"which means to just continue mapping a larger area at the same scale and in the same way. with respect to mapping more broadly, which hex orientation would people prefer? Straight up north or Stolen Lands slanted? I'd like to just work off one set of maps regardless.

Or I can"go deep" and fill in some detail about the river kingdoms already mapped. By this I mean creating and explaining some thematic maps (geology, geography, vegetation, fauna, population) for the River Kingdoms. These would be tools for GMs to reduce their prep time and have a little more depth. They would also be completely unofficial.

So, which is more desirable?


  1. I would say orient the map due North. I'd also have more interest in seeing more detail on the Stolen lands (and Brevoy) - so "go deep" as it were.

  2. I'd say "go deep". Either geological maps, or maybe make the hexes smaller for when armies inevitably crop up in Kingmaker, giving more tactical room?

  3. I would avoid making smaller hexes. It would start making micromanaging too difficult for players if you increase the number of potential upgrade spaces. Also, historically medieval armies needed lots of breathing room to maneuver around each other before battle to avoid getting ambushed out of formation. See - Battle of Tannenburg.

  4. I agree with the depth here. Maybe add borders/cities/farms/sawmills etc for the different kingdoms allready on the maps? Especially for the houses of brevoy.

    There are many good threads on the forums about what numbers, sizes etc for what. :)

  5. So its pretty clear the desire is to "go deep". As such I am going to focus on two things. One: the geology of the area. I will come up with some consistent explanation for what is going on which compliments what is already written and lets GMs make some informed choices with a minimum of work.
    The other task I'll work on will be to flesh out the other side of the mountains some more. This project will answer two questions in particular:

    One: why are the Nomen centaurs so detached from the rest of their kind.
    Two: why, if the ocean is so close to the east is there no trade route or nation exploiting those resources?