Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A tabulated population of Avistan

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Recently, the question came up as to what the population of some of the nations in Golarion were. While I know that the devs officially do not want to say (to give the GM some leniency within their respective worlds), I also know that this keeps coming up as a thread once every few years. So I decided to take an evening with the wiki pages and tabulate all the countries in Avistan. The result is the attached google doc. You'll have to save a local copy if you want to edit it.

A lot of the smaller settlements don't have figures and those figures really wouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things. In cases like this, I've assigned the following totals:

Hamlet: 50 pop
Village: 100 pop
Town: 500-1000 pop.
City: I haven't added anything to these. I'm hoping to get actual figures.

Furthermore, on the first page, I've added a column called "countryside population" which acts as a modifier to the city totals. This is to represent the number of people living on farms, etc... Its listed as a percentage of the city population. So, if you think twice as many people live outside of these named settlements, then you should add 200% to that column.

The spreadsheet is about 95% finished - enough to get a good sense of the relationship between different nations. If anyone has population / settlement figures to add to the spreadsheet, feel free to comment below or add it to this thread on the Paizo boards. I'll try to keep it up to date as much as possible.

Addendum: I've added some more fields on the first page where you can change the percent of people living in cities to alter the total nation's population.

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